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Advanced Vista Optimizer maintains your Windows Vista OS in a good state
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Advanced Vista Optimizer, as the name itself suggests, is for Windows Vista operating systems. It can perform a variety of system maintenance operations like junk file cleaning, registry and disk defragmenting, etc. Also, it can set some of the registry settings to speed up the operating system and file system. It is one of the best in this kind of software.

There is a “what’s recommended” link. It shows us all the problems with our system (or what can be done to speed up the computer). It shows the settings for various program features along with the status of the scheduler.

“Single Click Care” can be used to scan a computer for the complete optimization of its system (or complete use of program features). After scanning, it shows the results, and we can see all the options that need our attention. "Optimization" tab provides the Memory Optimization, virtual memory settings, Windows Optimization settings and File System Optimization (mainly NTFS). The memory optimization can free up unused memory in low memory systems so that running programs get more RAM. There are hardware tweaks too, like enabling UDMA66 mode, support for large hard disks, etc. These settings are not visible in Windows itself, they can only be set by directly editing the registry or using programs like this one. The start-up manager can be used to set the programs that are started automatically on Windows logon. Although most of these settings can be configured manually if you are an experienced user, it is a good thing to integrate all these features into one program.

There are Disk and Registry defragmenters that can defragment your Disk and Registry to speed up the hard disk access time. It takes a long time to defrag a complete volume though, especially if you enable “deep defragmentation”. "Security" tab can be used to set a lot of security settings. There are also features like file encryptor, Magic Folder, etc to hide your confidential information. “Secure Delete” can delete a file completely from the disk so that no file recovery tool can bring it back.

Many other features like the junk file cleaner, duplicate file cleaner, spyware cleaner (can be downloaded as an add-on) and Power Tools (that can also be downloaded after installing the program) - which altogether make it one of the best system maintenance utility available.

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  • Scanning for privacy files takes a lot of time
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